Happy Birthday Lovebug!

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Today is a very special day…it was on this day twenty-something years ago that my life was changed forever…On this day a few years back, my beautiful bride who would be my helper, encourager, and best friend was born.

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to spend my life with this beautiful person!  Molly is a wise, creative, and caring help mate.  It is a pleasure to do ministry with her…her passion for youth is at times second only to God’s!  She pushes me to do better in ministry through her challenging comments.  I am so proud of her for using the gifting that God has given her to lead students and adults alike in worship!  It was her voice that helped draw me to her in the first place, and it still warms my heart.  I have to say it again, but I’m so proud of her!

As a mother, she is amazing! She has worked a full time job, taken great care of her husband, and raised a beautiful, smart three year old daughter.  I see so much of my wife in my daughter and I am very proud to say that.  She has instilled a love a cooking in our daughter.  She has taught her to sing, but most importantly, she has instilled a love of God in our daughter!  My daughter loves to pray, and even yell at people who won’t pray with her!  My wife is amazing!

As a wife, there is no one even close!  She has taken care of our family famously, all while not asking for any recognition… She has sacrificed so much to take care of our daughter and myself.  It brings me so much joy to be able to try to repay her for the love she has shown to us…She is truly a wonderful woman and I am blessed to have her!

Baby, I want you to know that above all else today that you are loved and appreciated by Nattie-boo and I!  Thank you for loving us back!

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