Live It Out – April 27, 2012

I started this site as a place to share Biblical truths, so I wanted to share the sermon the Lord had me preach this past Sunday.  It was a much needed lesson for me to learn.

Hebrews 12 is full of promises and hope to get us through the dark times of our lives.  We have to understand that there are heroes of the faith all around us cheering us on and reminding us that God is faithful to take care of His children.  We see that we have to lay down everything else and allow God to have full reign of our lives.  But know that Jesus has done all that was required for us to boldly approach the throne of God.

Thanks for your time, I do not take it lightly.  For your convenience, you can right click on the links below and “Save Link As” to download the sermon or the outline for later consumption…although the webmaster of this site cannot condone the actually consumption of anything on this site…


The outline is below if you would like it as well.

Live it Out


Hope this message spoke to you.  God bless!


2 comments on “Live It Out – April 27, 2012

  1. Zach,
    I thought your sermon was really good. You made some great points and was easy to follow.

    When teaching on “Hero’s of the Faith”, we (myself) must always be careful not to point out the greatness of the “hero’s” more than the greatness of God. If we teach on the extraordinary faith of any man in God’s Word and the congregation walks out thinking, “Man, Abraham (for example) was such an awesome man of faith”….then I think we have missed the point. We pray that we teach it in a way that when they walk out, the congregation says, “God is such a faithful, merciful and sovereign God….”

    Again, great job!

    Warren Byrd

    • Warren,

      Thanks for the comment! Always encouraging to hear from other Godly men. I, in my mind, saw the Heroes of the Faith section of the sermon going like you said, pointing the congregation to God’s faithfulness to bring us through every trial. I guess it was not clear enough, but I did the six examples as a way of showing the testimony that these men and woman give to God’s faithfulness. I apologize if I misrepresented or misspoke God’s word…never my intention!

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