Quitter Releases Today!

If you have not yet met the wonderful Jon Acuff, then you should get on that right now.  I’ve read his first two books and followed his blog and twitter for many times now and they are all great!  Jon is a blogger who started off with a cool idea, the blog StuffWhitePeopleLike.com was a great social commentary of white people, so why shouldn’t someone do the same thing for Christians.  So Jon did it.

His blog has reached a sizable following and has even opened two kindergartens in Vietnam.

This is Jon’s third book.  His books can be found here.  His first two books are well worth reading.

Quitter is his third book, which was released today.  In this book he looks at what he calls the “I’m But” generation.  Check out the trailer for the book.

This is such a true story.  Our generation is constantly on the move and looking for a way to make a difference.  But dreaming is scary isn’t it.  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if I go broke trying to achieve my dream?  What if people make fun of me and my dream?  Jon guest post on a fellow blogger’s blog this morning and spoke about the doubt we experience in pursuing our dreams.

God gives us dreams and passions because we are the generation who is most able to reach the whole world with a simple keystroke or one short video or even a satirical blog. We are the “I’m But” generation, but we are also the “I Can” generation, so dare to dream big, push past the doubt, and bring God’s Kingdom so much glory!


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